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Scoring Policy

PC’s and Consoles are scored according to the following criteria:

Variety of Games

Games are scored according to the following criteria:

Most importantly, all reviews are based on the subjective opinion of the reviewer. You may not agree with the writer’s words, that’s OK, just leave a comment, but it does not signify that the review is wrong.

Our gaming reviews give an overall description of the gameplay and any flaws that we may perceive. The score the game receives is useful for context, but it should not solely be relied on.

To derive our final score for a game, we do not take averages nor do we use a mathematical equation. It is based on the quality of the game and how it fairs against games from the same genre around the same time period.

10.0 – Perfect

No game is ever perfect, but if 10 is given, it reflects a game which is as close as it can get to perfection in the current climate. This score will never be common, it is taken very seriously when a game scores this and it means that you should own it.

9.0 – Excellent

Any game that gets nine should be considered a must buy for fans of the genre. Of course if we give a nine to a strategy game and you only enjoy football games then this score probably won’t change your mind.

8.0 – Very Good

When a game receives an eight, you will find that if you like the genre, this game is a great investment for you. Minor factors would have contributed to make this game fall short of a higher value, so be sure to read what they are before making your decision.

7.0 – Good

A seven is better than average in our eyes. This game will have a few areas where it is blatantly let down to the detriment of its overall quality and enjoyment, but it is still NOT average. A seven is still a recommendation, but you might want to consider what we thought let the game down and decide for yourself if it would bother you before buying.  Overall, a great rental choice if you’re really interested in the particular game.

6.0 – Not Bad

This game is not good enough to be on your pre-ordering list. You should review the game entirely before making a decision. That said, you may really enjoy the game, as it maybe for example, a lazy sequel, which does not innovate but it does not do anything wrong. You might have enjoyed the prequel, so it would not be a bad choice for you. On the other hand,  it might be flawed in crucial areas.

5.0 – Average

This means an average game in our opinion. You really are taking a chance if you decide to go ahead with a game of this rating level. Be sure to read our reasons for giving a game this rating.

4.0 – Below Par

Games with ratings of four may well have some good features, but we’re clearly issuing caution to stay away from this game. Common complaints of games in this bracket include bad control schemes, broken gameplay, bugs, inflexible options, and repetitiveness.

3.0 – Poor

This is the sort of game you regret buying 10 minutes after playing it. All involved in creating the game would be wise to the flaws and are trying to paint over its cracks. Do not let them pull the wool over your eyes and heed our warning!

2.0 – Bad

Avoid at all costs. There is bound to be many faults, and even some that we may have not found! Do not waste your time…

1.0 – Awful

This game is a very bad joke. Your intelligence should feel insulted as the developers thought that you were stupid enough to buy this tripe. If you ever see this rating, DO NOT BUY THIS GAME! DO NOT RENT THIS GAME! If someone offers it to you, LAUGH AT THEM!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our scoring policy, please email the editor at  [ editor [at] ].

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