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Fix 3 Red Rings – Xbox Repair Service

Filed under: Xbox 360 Fixes — Tags: , , — Adon Garuda @ 23:57 December 13, 2009

The scariest thing to ruin your Xbox 360 experience is the 3 red rings…of death! However there is a light at the end of the tunnel…an Xbox 360 repair service that guarantees to repair you xbox within an hour or your money back.

You may wish to try to fix the system yourself, please do NOT do any of the following:

Freezer Fixer – Come on, it the unlikely event that it works, it is not a final solution to the problem.

Towel Heater – Do not heat up your console, think about it…it cannot be a good idea…overheating an object that already gets overheated on a daily basis.

At Computer Game and Console Reviews, we have already used the Xbox Repair Service once. It took 1hr and a full 16mins to get rid of those damn lights…While we were disappointed it took more than 1 hour, this feeling of emptiness was quickly replaced with euphoria, knowing that we beat Microsoft by not sending it back. This would cost over $150 including shipping fees. We are also armed with the knowledge that should this disease reappear, we hold the antidote. And as it turns out, so do thousands others. If you know someone that owns a Xbox 360, there’s a chance they would need this cure too.

The entire process was easy. Well, all of us here are pretty geeky, and so opening the box was not daunting. It was made easier by the inclusion of videos to take us through each step so the journey was one of discovery, not trepidation. These videos would make any layman, an expert on repairing the Red Rings, even opening up the possibility of their very own local Xbox Repair Service.

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