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Sonic the Hedgehog 4 announced for Summer 2010

“Sonic Team has officially announced that the 2D Platformer will be released in summer 2010 for download.”

Sonic The Hedgehog 4SEGA and Sonic Team have finally announced their secret title that they have been teasing the gaming community with the past several months. Codenamed “Project Needlemouse,” the game has been revealed to be Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1. It will be available for download on Nintendo’s WiiWare service, Sony’s PlayStation Network, and Microsoft’s Xbox Live. There is also one more platform it will appear on, currently in secret though. No inclination of price or specific release date has been announced as of yet.

The speculation began back in September when SEGA released a trailer for a title called Project Needlemouse, and showed Sonic racing across the screen. The video made huge emphasis on the fact the game will be focused on speed, also stating that it will be in HD and released in the summer. Since then, Sonic Team has been teasing the fans more and more, encouraging them to enter contests and submit artwork. Eventually, they initiated the “Character Countdown Challenge.” This was an image with several Sonic characters listed on it. If fans submitted enough of their artwork to the site, they would slowly take characters off the list. Over the course of the week, it was shown that Sonic would be the only playable character in the game.

Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Concept ArtThe game will use 3D characters with 2D backgrounds, in vein of the New Super Mario Bros. games, and the upcoming Metroid: Other M. It will take place right after Sonic & Knuckles ended, with Eggman somehow surviving their latest battle.

Furthermore, due to the “Episode 1” subtitle, it is safe to assume that Sonic Team will release more episodes of the game, if it proves popular. Look for the first one this summer, and see if the old Platformer can successfully return to his roots.

Visit the official site here:

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PlayStation 3 Motion Controller to launch with 10 games

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“A Japanese news web site claims that the new hardware will have ‘about 10’ games available for launch this fall.”

Sony motion controller screenshot 2Japanese news service recently announced that there will be “about 10” games released for the PlayStation 3’s new motion controller this Fall. Unfortunately, the author did not go into detail about any of the games themselves. However, the Japanese counterpart site claimed that there will be games based on pet training, and sports, similar to what Nintendo has released for Wii and DS.

This announcement came days after Sony announced the delay of the controller from Spring of this year to sometime in the third quarter. The reason for this was to “have a comprehensive portfolio of attractive and innovative games for the motion controller, not only from SCE Worldwide Studios but also from the third-party developers and publishers, whom we have been working closely with.”

It is not known whether these “ten” games will be exclusively developed by first-party companies or third-party developers, although both Capcom and EA Games have expressed interest in creating games for the new add-on. No developer or title list has been released but it is safe to assume that the usual suspects will be releasing products in the coming 12 months.

sony motion controller screenshot 1Sony’s answer to the Wii has still yet to be named, although the most recent rumor has it that it will be called “PlayStation Arc,” due to a web site being copyrighted by Sony Computer Entertainment. First shown off at E3 ’09, the wand controller itself closely resembles the Wii Remote, with buttons on the front. What sets it apart from Nintendo is the compatibility with the PlayStation Eye, a camera available for PS3. This Fall holds the release dates for both this and Microsoft’s “Project Natal,” and a brutal competition between the two companies is guaranteed to ensue.

Below is the official video released at E3 2009…

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